Poker Room - Texas Hold'em

Multi-player poker is fast becoming the most popular online game with monthly industry revenues generating $ 100 million and growing. Binriver's network makes a single multi-branded room available to a large group of players and provides an action-packed, interactive experience. With our useful solutions (above all Texas Hold'em, the most widespread card game in the world), can take part both expert and beginner players. For this reason, this multi-player game offers either the possibility to gamble more expensive (for the strongers) or cheaper (for new players) tournaments.
Start your own solutions in two weeks, full managed room, Multi-language and fully customizable.


Poker Card - Room Features

Games and tournaments:
    •    Poker Texas Hold'em - No limit - Post Limit
    •    Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo - No limit - Post Limit
    •    7 Card Stud - FL
    •    Step Tournaments
    •    Single/Multi Table Tournaments
    •    Sit'n'Go
    •    Add-On and Rebuy

Management and Administration System

    •    Advanced Risk Management Tools
         -    Custom and Standard Reports On-Demand and On-Schedule
    •    Affiliate Program System
         -    Customizable Commission Plans


•    Multi-Platform - Linux - Windows - Mac and more
•    Payment Processing system - Visa - Mastercard - integrated with major e wallet system like neteller, moneybookers, clicktopay, etc..
•    High security system.

Our network is international and tables are available 24 hours a day allowing your customers from anywhere in the world to play the game they want and at the stake they prefer at their convenience.

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