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Live Poker platform

By now for years Texas Hold'em is the most widespread speciality of Poker. The lovers of Poker of all the world no more are satisfied  simply to look in television the most famous players of Texas Hold'em. That's why Live Poker platform, an on line Texas Hold'em Poker station, offers the possibility in any time during the day to live the great emotions which only this game can to give.

The main features of Live Poker are the 3D graphic and the real time broadcasting of games: first feature allows players Poker to face a clear and multi-coloured Live Poker platform; the second lets users play with real-person dealers and real cards, so they feel like be sitting at a Poker room table. In this way, not only the match of Poker can be played anytime, but also (and above all) there will be the feel to face the opponents.

live poker


Live Poker features

  • Sit'n'Go;
  • Tournments;
  • Waiting List;
  • Creation of filters;
  • Chat/emoticons;
  • Multiple Languages;
  • Multiple Tables.

Management and Administration Poker Platform

  • Customizable Commission Plans;
  • Account History;
  • Transfer List;
  • Payment Processing System (Visa, Mastercard, etc.).

Our network is international and tables are available 24 hours a day allowing your customers from anywhere in the world to play the game they want and at the stake they prefer at their convenience.

Live Texas Hold'em Poker respects standard European Casino and Poker rule.

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