Backoffice - Risk Management

For a fast and direct access in all major areas of software, our Backoffice is proud of an accurate and careful work. Our Backoffice offers:

  •     An innovative bookmaker platform  and  an exclusive sportsbook software.
  •     A secure solution for the management and operation of online gambling.
  •     An exceptional risk management, with filters and limits on incoming bets.
  •     A multi-level management with agents and sellers.
  •     Network Management Sales - customization fees for commercial operators and agents.


List of bets and bets search form

Backoffice invite you to search form of bets placed by users and agencies:

  •     Intervals defined by a given.
  •     Eg bets placed from 12-July To 08/15/2010.
  •     Search for events by specifying 1 X 2, Under / Over, HT, 1X2 Double Chance, Goal / NoGoal, etc...
  •     Search listings for Football, Basketball, Hockey, NFL, etc...
  •     Agencies may seek gambling, specifying the user.
  •     For ID, such as: L 'exact ID of the bet, the' ID 's event, the' ID of the game.
  •     Bets for the number of minority and most events.
  •     Eg, all bets containing from three to five events.
  •     Bets for success.
  •     Eg, winning bets, or betting losers and still valid.
  •     All filters can be combined with each other.
  •     Ex Placed bets from July 12-To 8/15/2010 With events Under 2.5 and containing from three to five events, etc...

Schedules and odds

Our Backoffice behaves with precision and clarefulness. On our sportsbook there are the events relating to Soccer, Formula 1™, MotoG, Basket, Volley, Rugby, Tennis, Hockey, NFL, MBL and many other sports. Starting from the sport of our Sportsbook, you can do to manage various actions on listings such as:

  •   Odds import, manual and automatic.
  •   Continuous Updating, inserting results, control and payment of winnings bet in automatic or manual.
  •   A clear and intuitive view of schedules with groups, games, events and shares ordered by date.
  •   The dynamic structure of odds management and betting management, allows you to manage other types of sports-related bets such as:
        - Betting on Political elections
        - Betting Financial
        - Betting Reality Show and Entertainment
        - Horse Racing and Greyhounds Betting

In addition to the Excel spreadsheet, you can create and manage any event, be it existing or fantasy.

Risk Management

Our Backoffice hasn't forgotten that's important to guarantee full control on incoming bets, for each player or branch. So you can:

   •     Limiting the amounts on the total bets or single event.
   •     Limit the maximum potential payout.
   •     Customize odds multiplicity also on the individual event.
   •     Manage multiple combinations of repeated bets.
   •     Manage the minimal deposit to allow the gambling.
   •     Combinations mandatory and permissible combinations can be applied to sports groups, or individual games.


Network Management Sales

Management fees from the merchants and agents, with persanilzzabile multiprofile.
Network Management Sales - customization fees for commercial operators and agentsi.

That's not all!

We can not describe everything, you try it! 100% customizable, logo colors and graphics! Real time betting reserve, to manage the flow of dangerous bets. Reporting Manual and / or Automatic for the management of the results. Creating schedules of fantasy with Excel Customize Odds prints. And much more...

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