Setting up your Sports betting software

Setting up your Sports betting software

Our turnkey sports betting software is a multi platform

Our turnkey sports betting software is a multi platform

Turnkey sportsbook platform

Turnkey sportsbook platform

For your software bookmaker turnkey



Sportbook: Sport betting software – bookmaker software

Sports betting software - bookmaker software - turnkey sportbook platform: the solution that allows you to run a real betting room online!

Just because it's essential the role of the sportbook, we have taken steps to simply the basic process of the bookmaker, as can be observed below:

Calculate the odds of betting, publishing schedules.

Accept and collect bets from players.

Pay winning bets.

Graphics - If you want that your sportbook platform has a good consideration, it is absolutely important to show customers a graphic as clear as possible. For this reason we guarantee a Simple, intuitive and professional graphic,  obviously customizable with logo and colors of your choice.

Filters and limits - Powerful tools to manage incoming bets.

Odds - Managed automatically and continually updated, based on the market from other bookmakers.

Betting offer - With little work you can publish different types of bets.

Accounting - The accounting system allows at any time to have a clear and real view than what is played and the system gain.

Network Sales Management - Customization fees for commercial operators and agents.

Poker and Casino - With one account, the user can place bets on Sports, Poker and Casino.

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